Guidelines for students

The regulations outlined in this section aim to secure the good order necessary for the effective pursuit of knowledge, to help students attain the level of quality work required from them, and to ensure the proper functioning of the entire system. The student’s registration is considered an expression of willingness to abide by all the rules and regulations prevailing. Every student, therefore, is committed to the observance of these rules.

The students should maintain strict discipline on the campus which is fitting for an academic environment.

Important notices will be posted on the college website and respective notice boards. It is the responsibility of the students to read these notices and to respond immediately if summoned through them. All administrative, departmental and activity bulletin boards are for official use only. To tamper with them is a serious offence.

Students should pay the fees as per the schedule published on the college website and notice board.

It is the responsibility of the students to treat college property with care. They should help keep the buildings and the campus neat and clean. Any damage done by a student to the property of the college or others must be compensated either by repair or by replacement. Besides, if the situation warrants, the offenders will be subjected to other disciplinary measures.

Guidelines for Teaching Staff

Teachers are the cornerstone of an academic institution, upon whom its foundation is built. They are public figures who are constantly under the scrutiny of students and society. Students seek role models in them, and teachers must strive to fulfil this responsibility. The following is the code of ethics to be followed by teachers at Silpi.

Teachers should have a decent relationship with students, colleagues and non-teaching staff based on reverence and trust.

Teachers should be unbiased towards students in all their activities including teaching, evaluation and guidance. Should not involve in any political activities inside the campus.

All members of the teaching staff should maintain a cordial relationship with parents and should interact with them constantly in matters relating to academics and character.

The actions of teaching staff should comply with rules and regulations set by the University of Calicut and UGC.

Teaching staff should be keen to professionally upgrade themselves in their subject by undergoing faculty development programmers' and attending seminars and workshops.

All members of the teaching faculty are expected to be updated with new teaching methods including ICT.

The dress of teachers should be modest highlighting the dignity of a teacher and should wear an identity card when they are on campus.

Teachers should refrain from criticizing and rebuking other teachers in front of students and colleagues.

Teachers are expected to have a friendly relationship with students but with a professional distance.

Teachers should take part in programs and functions organized by the college and are expected to involve in the disciplinary issues of students.

Guidelines for Non-Teaching Staff

The support staff plays a prominent role in maintaining a conducive atmosphere on the campus, allowing teachers and administrators to fulfil their duties to the best of their abilities, and ensuring that students can access all the necessary services provided by the college.

Staff should discharge their duties following regulations from the college.

All members of support staff should go through the duty list available with the office superintendent and should adhere to them.

The general working time of support staff is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The necessary support staff to open classrooms and offices should report to duty as per the schedule and timing intimated by the principal and office superintendent.

Members of support staff should refrain from any political activities within the campus.

All actions of support staff on the campus should be unbiased and they are expected to be polite and helpful to the students.

Prior permission should be obtained from authorities before taking leave of any form so that alternative arrangements can be done.

All members of support staff are expected to take part in programs and functions organized by the college.

All support staff must wear identity cards when they are on campus.

The support staff in the department/computer labs should prepare well in advance for the practical sessions. Should work in close coordination with the teacher in charge to help students during their lab sessions.

Any misconduct of students should be reported to authorities as early as possible.